It can be a hard job to let the tiny tots develop the brushing habit at a very young age. Being an important aspect of personal hygiene and morning ritual worldwide. Its elimination from daily routine is not feasible.  But kids usually abhor this routine task. The absence of brushing the teeth regularly and properly can lead to cavities. This can lead to a huge mess in the mouth. It is the duty of parents to make sure that their kids’ teeth are clean after brushing and flossing twice a day.

Listed below are 7 hacks to make your child get into the habit of brushing teeth regularly:-

1) Get the toothpaste that kids like

Add the toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum candy swirl, strawberry, orange, or bubble mint, etc. This can do magic in making children develop a liking for brushing.

Prefer using fluoride free toothpaste as these are not harmful if swallowed.

Kids can accidentally swallow the paste while brushing. The aroma of this toothpaste is tempting enough for kids to indulge in daily brushing habits.

Also available nowadays is tooth gel, which is gentler on toddlers’ gums.

2) Be their role model

Kids tend to follow the custom or the routine of the house. So, it is better if parents brush teeth along with the children. This way they not only get assistance while brushing, but they can also learn by watching their parents brush their teeth. While brushing teeth, parents can give a live demonstration of how to clean the surface of the teeth. Children learn more by watching their lead role (parents) on maintaining oral hygiene and correct brushing methods. A mirror in front of a wash-basin makes watching easier.  This hack could inculcate the habit of brushing teeth twice a day daily as kids try to imitate parents most of the time.

This would inculcate the habit of brushing the teeth twice a day daily, as kids always try to imitate parents.

3) Using the appropriate brush

The right kind of toothbrush is the key to dental hygiene. It is an all-time favorite hack for indulging kids into brushing. Kids usually have an affiliation with cartoon characters. If parents can get the toothbrushes with same, it will certainly encourage them to brush their teeth with these fancy toothbrushes.

4) Negotiate with the kids

You need not negotiate with sweets, chocolate or other candies to encourage kids to brush teeth twice daily. Offer them 15 minutes extended screen time, a special book, and quality time with on a board game. Or some other kind of healthy bribe to brush their teeth daily and properly. Maintain sticker chats with their preferred cartoon characters to encourage them to brush. It could be a very healthy competition among siblings. Award the one who brushes twice without any reminder. By the method of these lucrative incentives, you can save kids’ from dental problems like tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, or root canal. EZ- IO needles with pediatric dentist comes handy for treating such dental problems as they are designed according to the weight of patients (kids).

5) Make the whole activity interesting

Make up some stories that could excite or morally force children to brush their teeth for eg; there is a dinosaur/ germs in their mouth that attack their teeth. And brushing is their weapon to fight against those demons. Threaten them with the consequences of not brushing teeth such as the last resort would be a visit to the pediatric dentist. His/ her nurse or other health care professional with ACLS certification could be your partner in maintaining your kid’s dental health.

6) Using a light touch on gums

Kids would always prefer a brush with soft bristles that are tender on their gums. The hard bristle of a brush can create pain in the gums. If this happens over and again, kids will not willingly brush their teeth daily. Soak the brush for a few minutes in warm water to soften its bristles even more. Cleaning of gums is very necessary even at the toddler stage. Do it with a soft cloth, gently massaging it over their gums. Tartar or plaque might start building around the gum line. The habit of having clean gums since early age would develop into regular brushing habit, later.

7) Playful and peppy music while brushing

Playing peppy music while brushing makes the routine task fun and not a chore. A super cool timer would be effective and helpful to encourage kids to brush their teeth for a full two minutes. The peppy music can make the job of brushing a fun-filled activity while parents can watch them maintaining and learning the ways of oral hygiene.

Keeping up with kids’ healthy teeth

Prevention is the key to do away with major kids’ dental issues. Keep up with kids’ oral health. Teach them right brushing techniques with flossing once a day at home.  Always guide children in favor of good food and avoiding sugar or unhealthy beverages. Visit the pediatric dentist twice a year for a complete dental checkup.

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